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Missing Returned

Posted on Sun May 21st, 2023 @ 12:36am by Lieutenant Avery Rumi & Lieutenant Finchley Kerr

Mission: Klingon Troubles Part 1
Location: Messhall
Timeline: Before Qo`Nos at New Romulus

Avery was sitting down having some food after her Adventurous time. She had inquired Kerr to join her as she was hoping to get some information for Haywood and the Captain, but she'd rather be the chief Engineer when possible. She straightened her yellow and black uniform as she went to take a bit of her food. She didn't notice him enter, but then again. She's had quite an adventure since her last ship assignment.

Finchley had received the message asking him to meet the Chief Engineer in the Mess Hall. When he entered, it was fairly empty so he had no problem spotting the only person in a gold and black uniform. Walking over to her, he stood beside the table and said "Lieutenant Rumi I presume..." then he stopped, that sounded so like Stanley when he found Dr Livinsgtone in Africa "...I'm Lieutenant Kerr, you asked me to meet you here."

She nodded, "You're the new Chief of Security. right?" She looked at her drink a moment and then back to him, "I'm tasked with asking you about your time with Amelia. I need to know everything as right now just between us..." She kept her voice low to where only he could hear, "They have her arrested for killing a Klingon. they have an Orion that looks similar to one in one of my reports given to me that's suppose to be a human... An infiltrator." She looked a little unnerved, "My main job is being a Chief of Engineer, but my secondary is intelligence and this was done by Admiral Haywood... I understand he trusts Jordan to an extent, but he needs someone not biased. I'm asking your help." She looked to him, "I want to make sure that the innocents are innocent."

"There's not much to tell" Finchley replied, also keeping his voice low. "She pretty much just told me that she was sent to rescue me, but wouldn't give any details as to why. When I asked her questions regarding the Wallace and why it was attacked and why, out of all it's crew, I was the only one taken, she didn't give much of an answer, only that everything would be explained to me when we got back to New Romulus."

Rumi nodded, "Some of the crew are here and everyone was taken far as the reports. I did read your background and your crews. According to Amelia's report, which is public knowledge." She glanced at him, "They rescued everyone else and that they were about ready to do the Captain, when they had you interrogated. She had managed to rescue the commander and some of the others, before getting your captain, your intelligence officer and a few more that were left." She handed him the padds, "I figured you'd want to know. Your intelligence officer is on this planet, if we can get her on board. It'd be nice." She gave a smile, "It'd save me from so much work."

She pointed to the signature, "See, she was intelligence, before she became Captain herself or even Commander." She glanced at him, "I just need to know between the two rescues of anything useful and your part with the second rescue would help." She sipped her tea, "Oh, it was your beautiful Intelligence that mentioned you. She said, you should have seen the look on their faces. When Amelia found out, I was told by Haywood that she felt like she failed the mission not getting you." She took a bite of her food, before she continued. "She had just finished a mission on the Klingon homeworld that was also an intel op deal, but apparently we had forgotten another one of our own and Haywood wanted to send her, but because of this... I don't know what this Captain has in mind."

Avery leaned back in her chair, "I'm hoping you'll be our Chief of Security. I'd like to have you, incase my fellow crewmembers try anything in Engineering." She gave a smile.

"I doubt very much that Karadis would sign on here as her new duty" Finchley replied "she's fiercely loyal to her Captain, and for some odd reason, myself too. Wherever posting he gets, she'll follow him there, and if I'm very honest, so will I. I have no ties to this ship, I don't know anyone, nobody's taken the time to interact with me let alone speak to me, so I have no reason to want to serve here as Chief of Security.
As for my part in the second rescue, the one that got me out, there's not much to say really. I was kind of out of it, still having the drugs they used on me, during their questioning, pumping around my system. I do know that I managed to maintain my silence in regards to giving any information up, and this angered the Romulans a lot. When the Captain came to me and the rescue attempt began, I was running on instinct and self preservation, next thing I know I'm onboard the Hawkeye. That's when everything went south and sour.

Avery had gotten up and she walked over to him, offering her hand. "Let's go meet your crew, before Hawkeye takes off." She smiled, "They're still on that week leave that the new Captain will probably forget about."

Finchley took her hand and replied "I'd appreciate that very much, it will be a relief to see them again, hopefully as much for them as it will be for me."

She smiled as they walked off the ship and she lead him to the crew, whom were happy to see him. His own familiar of his former Captain greeted him with a tear or two. His best friend hugged him like there was no tomorrow. Rumi stood there a moment as she watched the Reunion, then she headed to the bird of prey that she had stolen temporarily.


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