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Imprisonment Part 3 - Amelia Shaw

Posted on Mon May 8th, 2023 @ 11:23am by Lieutenant Avery Rumi
Edited on on Mon May 8th, 2023 @ 12:02pm

Mission: Klingon Troubles Part 1
Location: Qo'Nos Brig

Amelia woken to Shawn's human face and she brought herself close to him, "Oh, how I've missed that face." A few tears fell down her face. "But how?" He showed her the Romulan changer and she nodded, "Someone, must have slipped that to me. She looked at him, "I wonder why." She looked at it a moment and then she looked to him, "Ideas?" She said softly as she wasn't thinking clearly for her heart was longing.

He kissed her softly, "Be mine, forever. Please?" He looked to her as he asked that question. He noticed her laugh with a reply, "I'm on trial for a murder and you askin' me out. How quaint and clever of you." He looked down at the trinket and then at her, "We don't have to be on trial for that. Turn Orion, We can stay here as them."

She wasn't sure of this request as she saw him, using it turning to his Orion self that she also fell for. She blushed, "I came in as hu..." Then she felt herself change into an Orion, "But... how or why?" She noticed that he was smiling , bringing her close for a longer lasting passion. She broke it off after a bit and she felt him mess with her hair and having it look more like the Orion version of her, "Oooh, clever."

He smiled at her as he wiped away her tears. "Still Beautiful," he said as he brought her in for a hug. "You look like your Orion self that I met here. I just didn't think of putting you from the Academy days to this..." He felt her nod and sigh into his chest as she was comfortable on him again. "I'm honestly glad that you're here, even if it could have been better circumstances." He felt her giggle a with a nod. He rubbed her back a little as he noticed her falling back asleep. He slipped the Romulan changer into his own pocket as a group of Klingons and Nate came towards the cell doors again. He sat up, slipping his arm out from under her and leaving her sleeping.

Shawn knew better than to show affection to another prisoner, despite the strong feelings they had for each other. Safety at this point was a priority as he had gotten on up and he walked towards the cell doors. "After her again? She's apparently been through enough." He saw them shrug not caring as they opened the doors and he noticed them walking towards her. He kept from smiling, when the Klingons were confused and walked back out demanding to find the human, leaving the Romulan puzzled.

Nate glanced to the Orion Male and then he looked down at what he swore was his "Captain" and saw an Orion. He sneered at this Orion, "What did YOU do?" He became infuriated when the Orion shrugged as if he didn't know anything. Vanz snapped, "She was HUMAN. Amelia SHAW, when we brought her IN." He growled, "We know she killed our Klingon friend, our..." He let out another growl and said this part softly, "Mole." He got on up in this Orion's face, "Now you tell me what is this Trickery." He yelled at a Klingon to scan for human blood and dna. He would not remember that his type changer secures all of that, while the Federation version is a bit behind.

The Klingon Shrugged, "Pure Orion DNA and blood." He glanced at the Romulan, "See if we even caught the human to this... Pagh of an excuse Orion."

Vanz growled, "We will find your killer." He didn't have a chance as he saw yet another romulan/human lover of his be dragged in by a Klingon. "This matches the scene," he heard the Klingon reply to the other one standing there. Nate was getting furious and he saw the first Klingon turn to him as this Klingon growled, "You Pagh. Get out." Nate didn't have a chance to protest as he was dragged away.

The Klingon turned to the Orion and motioned for him to the girl, "Pick her up. Take her to medical." He didn't trust his scanner and wanted to make sure she passed what was shown. He watched as the Orion obeyed and he wondered why that one was locked up. He followed them to their medical ward, which was small. Considering that it was more so for Orions than them. They prefer to die in battle for StoVoKor.

Hobbs knew the location as he had been there before. He carried Amelia on in and he laid her down on a bed, carefully not to wake her the entire time. The medic Orion looked puzzled at them two and then to the Klingon as Hobbs backed away leaving the Klingon to explain the situation. Shawn listened as the Klingon explained to the medic. He didn't react, when he watched the medic scan Amelia and confirming to the Klingon that she was "Orion." He watched as she was being interrogated physically by the medic. He just hoped that nothing would go wrong with this as Shawn still quietly hoped that he and she both would be rescued some how by Star Fleet.

Shawn quietly kept a close eye on the medic, while glancing at the Klingon. He waited for their next move, while the medic does her work and the Klingon seemingly growing impatient. "How much longer," he hears out of the klingon. He glanced at the tool that the medic grabbed and threw into the Klingon's throat, killing him. He looked to the medic, "What was that for?"

She grinned, "I am no Orion. I am like you and her. Human. Yes, you've tested mostly human. Now, get out. I killed his betrothal and now him. I don't like their treatments of Orions as my lover was one and killed by their foolish arrogance." She smirked as Shawn grabbed Amelia and left out of there, quickly. The medic going back to her duties with the same smirk still on her face.

He paused in a darkened area and he sat her down. He massaged her face, "Wake up." He breathed a little heavily, "We've got problems." He saw her waken and looking at him puzzledly, "wha.." He shushed her, "A lot quite frankly happened, when you napped. We have to get out of here, I feel no Orion will be safe, nor human." He glanced at her, "Nor Romulan." He saw her nod and he helped her get up. He lead her towards one of their hideouts that the Klingons didn't know about.


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