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"A Debrief"

Posted on Thu May 11th, 2023 @ 8:45pm by Captain Jordan Warren
Edited on on Sun May 21st, 2023 @ 2:05am

Mission: Klingon Troubles Part 1
Location: Captain's Ready Room

Jordan walked into his ready room, he stopped and looked at the empty chair which was once his best friend, and then of a person who he did not have a friendly relation with. But now, that this seat was his. He sat on the chair and began reading about personnel recommended for the Post of chief of security. though he had looked through all the applicants, his mind seemed drawn to one person, Captain Shaw rescued off new Romulus. Suddenly he tapped his comm badge, and said " Jordan to Adrian, can you come to my office ?" "Aye Sir, right away" he responded.

After a while, Adrian buzzed in. "Come in," Jordan said, As Adrian walked in, with a quizzical expression on his face. "You called sir?" He said, almost as if he was getting reprimanded for something "Yes, Adrian, Can you tell me where is Lieutenant Kerr ?" "You mean Lieutenant Flinchey Kerr, Sir ?" Adrian responded, and after receiving a confirmation he replied "I think he is in his quarters, under security lockdown" "Can you bring him here ?" Jordan asked. Adrian nodded and walked out, to do as asked.

As Adrian Left, Jordan pulled up the service records of this Mr. Kerr and started growing through it, reading through all comments and reports of his service with Starfleet.

Finchley had been spotted on the bridge, having been released from his quarters, Security measures stood down. An order to report to the new CO had been given to him, so he walked across to the Ready Room doors, which were open, knocked on the frame surround, and said "I was asked to report to you, Captain."

Jordan looked over his Padd to see Kerr standing in front of him. "Yes, Lieutenant, Please sit down" Indicating to the chair in front of him. He looked at Kerr and asks "I have been reviewing your records, and I realized that you have had long time in Tal-shiar prison, I assume you have a lot o questions which you need answering, so I guess, fire away" before setting down the padd having sent a letter to Haywood, informing him that he had found one of the top positions for his ship for now.

"Thank you Captain" Finchley replied, entering the Ready Room and taking the offered seat. He looked down at his hands and placed them in his lap. Looking up again, he said "Well, lets begin with why the USS Wallace was sent on the patrol it was? We weren't part of the patrol network for that region on the Romulan border, we never had been. Next, why were we sent alone when all the other logged patrols had been paired ships? Why were we never told there had been border skirmishes in that region 'before' we were sent, I only found out about that through being questioned by the Tal-shiar? When we were attacked, there were three Romulan Birds of Prey, we asked for help and were told we were on our own, why didn't Starfleet send anyone else in when ships were available? When we were boarded, why was I the only one taken prisoner? Why did Starfleet refuse a prisoner exchange for me, one was offered apparently? When rescued, why wasn't I debriefed when I came onboard instead of being left to rot in Sickbay, not a damn soul talked to me and when I asked any questions I was fobbed off with excuse after excuse that I would find out was always later? When I was finally released from Sickbay, why was I treated like a criminal and placed in my quarters with under a Security detail and was told I could have no contact with anyone? Have you got the slightest idea how that feels...believing that you are the problem that no-one wants? I wasn't even allowed to talk with those of the Wallace crew who had survived and were taken to New Romulus, all I wanted to do was make sure they were ok, but no, I was refused, why?"

He took a breath after all the questions that had come flooding out "That's just for beginners Sir, I have other questions regarding the questions I was asked under torture by the Tal-shiar, but those questions and answers can wait for now."

Jordan took a moment, reflecting on each question and how he might reply to them. once Finchley had finished his long list of question, Jordan looked at him and began answering whatever he was told by Haywood to the best of his ability and honestly. "Firstly, the Wallace was especially requested by Starfleet command to patrol the planet. They where concerned about some illicit technology trade which was occurring at the planet. The Wallace being a Galaxy class, everyone thought that there was no need of a patrol buddy. When the Wallace was boarded, the Captain did send a distress call and the USS Mysore was dispatched to assist, but It was too late by then, Why where you the only one being taken prisoner, is still a mystery but due to your knowledge of Starfleet protocol and system, I think they wanted to use you for some sort of espionage mission. As for why Starfleet refused your exchange was because of the demands by the Romulans to release "T'nak" the Butcher of Lorcan prime was not a fair deal which we where hoping for. As for your last question, I think you are well aware of the Starfleet protocol regarding member's in captivity and we where simply following that. Yes I do apologise on behalf of my former Commanding officer you did had the right to ask questions, and be answered, but at that point a lot of other issues took precedence that we could not get through to you." Jordan took a deep breath and then said "I understand that this has been a testing time for you, Mr. Kerr and if i was in your position, I would have myself asked the same questions, and I can understand your angst against Starfleet for keeping you in captivity for this long, but we could not do anything without risking a war against the Romulans. and I hope you understand that" He looked at Kerr in case he had anymore questions.

Finchley listened to the replies to his questions, and he wasn't best pleased with what he heard.

"I can understand Starfleet's concern about illicit trade happening, it's been a problem for quite a while, however, our Captain looked at previous patrol patterns, and all of them, Galaxy Class ships included did have a patrol pairing. We've been the only patrol that's ever gone out solo, it's almost like we were expendable" Finchley began his reply.

"Again, one...ONE!...ship was sent out to assist us, was that all we were worth? I agree that the knowledge I have is valuable, but MY're now telling me Starfleet didn't think MY life...a Starfleet Officers life, was worthy of an exchange for a Romulans! Do you have the faintest idea of how that makes me feel, to think my life is worthless to them???"

He bunched and unbunched his fingers, his anger was now rising, the feeling of absolute betrayal by the very service he'd fought to protect all his adult life.

"Oh yes, I completely understand the regarding 'serving officers' who have been in captivity, but do you also understand you all had a duty of care for me when I was rescued...and that never happened. I was simply shoved into Sickbay and left there. No check up, no counselling, nothing, I was simply discharged and left in my quarters, guarded like a criminal. It doesn't matter that there were other issues to be dealt with, someone could have been spared to come and check on me, but no, as I've already said, I was left to rot. Forgive me for this Sir, but you can't begin to understand how testing this has been for me, you never will. No Sir, I won't forgive or forget this, you all put Romulans above a serving Starfleet Officer, that cuts pretty deep. I'd like to speak to those of the Wallace crew that survived and were taken to New Romulus, and once I've done that, you'll have my resignation."

He stood up "Thank you for the opportunity of speaking with you and for you being able to give me some answers t the questions I've asked, however, as I'm not a serving member of this crew, I would now like to return to my quarters."

Jordan looked at him as if he was looking at a man who was not who he was as mentioned in the personnel file. "He took a breath and said "I understand your anger Lieutenant, and its logical that you resign. You are free to leave, but know this, I had full hopes of you joining us for a covert mission against Klingons and I will need a experienced Chief security officer for this mission if you are interested."

"Honestly Sir, I doubt very much you understand my anger, but thank you for at least offering it" Finchley replied. He took a step towards the door, then turned around "I was always of the understanding that Starfleet was 'one big family', that we all looked out for and looked after our own, fleet wide. If I can be so bold as to offer you a piece of advice, I really think you should work at installing that in your really suck at it, unless of course it's a member of the Hawkeye crew, then you fall over yourselves to help out. I really couldn't see myself taking on the Chief of Security position here, I'd be looking over my shoulder all the time to see if anyone was there."

With that moment, Kerr didn't wait for an answer. He had someone to meet that told him that he could reunite with his old crew that he had longed to see. He left without an excusal as he wasn't crew. Later on, he would be reunited with his own crew and he'd be happier than having to watch his back on Hawkeye.


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