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Rumi's Introduction?

Posted on Sun May 21st, 2023 @ 12:32am by Admiral Wil Haygood & Lieutenant Avery Rumi
Edited on on Sun May 21st, 2023 @ 12:33am

Mission: Klingon Troubles Part 1
Timeline: Right after Amelia's arrest

Avery dressed as an Orion had arrived at New Romulus with the Bird of Prey. she went to Haywood's office as requested, but she didn't see any Commanding officer there. She knocked on the door to the office as she waited to enter. She wanted to report to Haywood of what she knew.

"Enter" He said, in a sombre voice. This was the one meeting he was looking forward to, as he knew that he was doing the right thing. As Avery entered, he looked up and smiled "Ah. Avery please enter., make yourself comfortable"

Rumi nodded as she entered and she handed him a padd, "The schematics that I could recover. I will state that running a scan, before I was discovered. I noticed this..." She adjusted the padd for him to see, "There's a human there in one of their cells as it is." She glanced at him, "Did we miss someone from one of our ships, before Amelia's arrest?"

She stood back from the desk a little to give him space to read the information that she did gather. She spoke again, "While, my primary is Engineering. I appreciate you using me for my intelligence training, sir." She handed him another padd, "This is the information that I gathered on their arrests and trials and the evidence gathered so far."

Haywood smiles and he looks at the data on the padd which Avery gave him and nods " This is interesting...... So, Amelia met J'rell just before they found her dead." He rubs his eyes in tension..

"There's another one like me there. A human pretending to be an Orion, but he's in a cell. Do you not remember the mission you gave them years ago?" She handed him a padd, "I found this at a station from an officer involved in that Op with them and you." She studied him, "I ask you, who's the other Intel?"

"It's Shawn Hobbs. We had been wondering what happened to him." He started tapping away at his computer, informing others of what he had learned. He fumed, "Seemed an intel from the Klingon side said that he had been arrested years ago." He glanced at Avery, "They've just left him in the prison cell and forgotten about it."

Avery fumed, "You guys left behind a Star Fleet member for how long??" She shook her head, "So, are you guys going to extract him and work to obtain as to what's going on with her?" She raised an eyebrow looking at him, "oh, and I need work now. So, I prefer an Engineering Job that's opened."

He looked at her, "Go talk to Jordan."

Rumi Shook her head quietly after they finished. She gave a curt nod to the Admiral and she disappeared. She wanted to find out more information. Not sure if she'd want Hawkeye or not, despite that she learned that the ship was in need of repairs with the Engineering lacking a chief. She glanced at the bird of prey as she entered a shuttle to head to the Hawkeye to check it out.


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