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Before Hawkeye (Part 2)

Posted on Wed Aug 10th, 2022 @ 5:18am by Captain Amelia Shaw

Mission: Rebuilding Romulus
Location: New Romulus

Zabine cracked a small barely there smile. "I had a feeling the Admiral was up to something with you." She helped gather the plates and gotten rid of them, just as she saw her friend Amelia do the same thing with the drinks. "I can lead you to the Admiral's Office." She saw Amelia nod, slightly uncomfortably. She looked to her, "You'll be okay. If he tries anything, We do have security." She patted her friend on the back.

Shaw nodded, "Thank you." She grabbed the padds, "Let's hope what he said was accurate and I wasn't given..." She noticed the top one of her and she grabbed it, handing the other padds to her friend. "They didn't think to ask me?" She looked to her in a shock face and they both made haste to the office. "This is so... not...expecting..."

She agreed with her friend, "I just know the Admiral showed an interest and left for his office for a bit. I was helping navigate your arrival. Then he came back out and disappeared... Not without stating that he didn't want you leaving." She looked to her, "I guess they're determined?" They had arrived at the office by that point and Zabine handed Amelia back her padds. She took out her own and she started in messaging on it.

"Zabine, thank you for being honest with me." Amelia smiled. She waited for Zabine to send a message to the Admiral. She knew this was protocol to make sure if he was there or not or the orders as he was one of the leaders. This Admiral wasn't "her" Admiral that she usually reported to. So, she was hoping this was worked out. She sighed as she waited outside the door.

Zabine gave a nod, "My pleasure. You have my respect and kindness." She looked toward the transporter, but all she saw were other crew beaming down, chattering. She glanced back at Amelia, "I need to get back to work. My break is over." She noticed the Admiral transporting back. "It's good to see you." She gave Amelia a hug and then a wave of goodbye. To her, Amelia was like a sister. Good company wasn't easy to find. For her, it was easier to trust Federation over Tal'Shiar. You didn't have to second guess yourself with them.

Admiral Haygood nodded to Amelia Shaw as he unlocked his office. "Come In, I suspect that you have much questions for me." He dropped a few padds on his desk. "Did you read the padds given to you?" He noticed her softly shaking her head no as she shut the door. He asked her to repeat and the reply of, "No, Sir" was heard. He frowned at this notion. "I would suggest that you start, but not with..." he took her padd. "That one. We're still in limbo. The rest are certain." He gave a smile to her. He ordered another cup of coffee as he went behind his desk and sat down. "Once, you read the padds. You may ask me questions." He straightened his uniform after he had placed his coffee on the table, "I will wait until you are done. You may read aloud if you must."

Amelia gave a nod as she began to read each file. She inquired on each person and all he knew was of the XO. The rest were from Trent and notes from others that did their own evaluations that they made sure were good and not altered by the Commodore. She paused half way through them, when Trent's name was mentioned, "I met him from all of this and he wasn't that nice to me." She noticed that the Admiral made a zipper motion and she continued to read the Padds, but she spoke as she did so. "He made me feel uncomfortable and told me, "Don't screw this up." She was about finished, when she was handed the file of the Commander. "Thank you," she said as she started reading this file. "Ah, he didn't much like the Commodore either." She noticed the Admiral giving a slight smile.

Haygood sat up, "I see you are done." he noticed her nod with a "Yes, Sir." He gave a nod. "That is the crew of the Uss Hawkeye. They needed a captain, who would with stand better and not end up in Medical so much. We had better hopes of Alison, but we did not know of her medical history. Due to her lack of check ups. We hope you and the Commander would encourage the safety of those Check-ups. " He noticed the confusion on Amelia's face. "She was a former Captain of the Hawkeye and we didn't notice any second in command at the time. We felt that we had to put a Commanding officer Capable to handling the situation. His XO of his own ship is now the Commanding Officer there. He's been demoted back to XO to realize his demeanor and I believe..." He sighed, "That he's got a thing against women in power. We're hoping these next few missions given to him, will help in that regard."

Amelia gave a solemn nod, "Thank you, sir. But what does all of this have to do with me? You don't have a Captain yet, do you?" She inquired as she knew that her own Admiral hasn't mentioned anything, until she saw that This one had an incoming video call. She straightened her own uniform, not realizing that he's done something to have that call happen. She felt a tad uncomfortable with this, but at least she was seeing what was going on. So, she quickly calmed herself down from the potential anxiety.

Admiral Nolan looked at her through the video call, "Amelia, Let's get to the point. This Admiral has been helping us with the Crew of the Hawkeye, since the Current Captain..." He cleared his throat, "has decided to ignore things that I have requested and asked of him. Commodore Trent Strauss has been very unpleasant and not something that we need at this moment." He drank his tea and he looked back at her, "We need someone of your expertise. Why not drill other Captains? We don't have enough. I apologize for that, but you should know this of all things with conflicts. Not what you want to know." He saw her nod. "Do you understand why we've come to you?"

Amelia gave a soleumn nod, "I was noticing this like this on a couple of missions." She noticed Nolan nodding to her, but not the box that Admiral Haygood had in his hand standing near her. She went on to tell Nolan about Trent and her experience here. Then she got the courage to speak about her potential promotion as they were waiting on. Afer a while, she was happy to hear her own Admiral as her, "Would you do us the honors of becoming Captain of Hawkeye." She blushed a little but she cleared her throat that was slight horse, "While I took a break from all of this. I'm not sure if I'll be ready for this." She saw him nod, "Amelia, just remember your trainings and you'll do well. You have support all over." She cleared her mind to focus on her future and what was being asked of her. She turned to the screen of her own Admiral. "I accept. However, what If I have problems that I nor the Commander can handle?" Her admiral nodded with the answer to that and she gave a sigh.

Admiral Haygood gave her the box, "Now that you're in the wrong uniform. Here's something that will help you out." He saw her open it and a tear fall down her face, "Thank you." For him, this was his second promotion to do to others and he was proud of this. He offered his hand, "I would like the honors of pinning this on you." After her accepting his offer, He graciously pinned it on her and he cupped her face. "You will do well. Always try to have some confidence." He let her face go and he bowed slightly to her as he walked behind his desk, "Now that's all out of the way, Let's discuss this mission. We have much ahead that needs to be done." He smiled as Admiral Nolan bid his fair well, congratulations, and that she was in good hands. He began discussing with her the Importance of this up-coming mission and their goals that weren't going to be that easy of a task. He assured her that she had the backing of other ships in the area, if she needed them. He continued to discuss....

(Note: After this meeting is when she'll gather those needed for the up coming mission and issues...)


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