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Posted on Wed Apr 12th, 2023 @ 4:35am by Captain Amelia Shaw & Lieutenant James Lake & Lieutenant Commander Dr. Davis & Warrant Officer Hunter Gobbs & Warrant Officer Janus Esrom

Mission: Rebuilding Romulus
Location: Empty Storage area.
Timeline: After the escape...

Amelia entered the storage area moving at a little slower pace than normal. She was still sore from the event, but she had asked Adrian as she met him in the hall to have security meet in the big empty storage room. She decided to do this instead of the bridge as she could feel it in warp, but she was uncomfortable and unnerved after finding that Vanz had infiltrated the crew... She wanted more to be prepared for the sneaky and anything the Romulans could toss at them... Phaser fire is only so much, but learning other combats is effective as well. Something she learned as a Commander and she wanted to make sure the crew was prepared for this. She waited patiently sitting in a chair that was brought by another crew member as the security was to enter.

Ensign Paul Higgins walked into the storage room noticing he was the first to arrive. Seeing his C.O. already here, he walked over to her with a grin "Captain Shaw nice to see you back to your old self again" he commented thinking how she had looked like a Romulan not that long ago; one in particular.

Crewman Hunter Gobbs walked in and saw the Captain and Ensign Higgins already present. He smiled and waved to them as he entered and made his way over to them.

She nodded to the Ensign, "The mission was effective." She looked to the other one and noticed a couple of more Security enter. "I would you all to make a straight line. At least 6 feet or more from me." She glanced to Adrian, "This officer failed one thing... You all only brought guns." She gave a slight smile, "Which is good in most cases, but now you see why Klingons bring both." She nodded to Adrian, "Please hand each of them one of those padded sticks."

Janus was curious as to why they were being sent to a large storage area but whatever it was, orders were orders. He stepped into the room to find the captain sitting in a chair. It was obvious she was waiting for those requested to arrive. He moved over towards the captain and gave a quick nod of his head, "Captain, Security Crewman Esrom, reporting as requested." He then followed her directions and joined the others in forming a straight line. He was handed something that reminded him of the Pugel sticks they had used in hand-to-hand and close quarters combat training. He smiled slightly, having been trained in martial arts did have its benefits sometimes.

She looked to the Security crew, "Pick a sparring partner and these will be your first defense and offense to train with." She took one as well and she stood up with it taking it into two sections, "These things can convert into two short fighting poles rather than a long one." She showed them her's. "You'll need both. One person does the long stick as if it was a weapon, while the other does the short ones. You will learn that when you are close. You should have a weapon that will be defensive."

She noticed that all of the crew seemed to have their own weapon and were in pairs in the room. "Now, I would like for you to make sure that you are prepared for both, especially when you may deal with hostile enemy that may know both." She looked at them, "We may not face these guys again, but then we might. We always need to be on guard for both styles." She cleared her throat, "I've had to as one of their operatives, secretly sneak out our own people that were left either surprised, scared, or uneasy." She sighed a moment, "I wasn't just a security officer, but intelligence." She glanced at them, "I learned as being a spy for Starfleet as a Romulan, what they were capable of. My Individualized training helped me some, but their mentions aren't the feint of heart. So, we must be prepared for anything." She asked, "Any questions?"

"No, ma'am," Crewman Gobbs immediately and turned to see who he would be partnered up with today.

Amelia showed that the weapons could become two or placed together as one. She smiled, "Now start."

Ensign Higgins shook his head 'no' since it seemed pretty self explanatory. Turning to Gobbs "We may as well have at it then" as Paul pulled his weapon apart "I'll use the shorties for now then perhaps we can switch later on" he commented not being too sure about had been awhile since he'd spared with anyone other than a Hologram.

Gobbs balanced one of the sticks on his right palm, getting a feel for the weight of it. "Sounds good to me, sir," he said, simply. He tried to hide his excitement for the training exercise.

Gobbs and Higgins began to circle using their weapons in a defensive posture when Gobbs went the offensive and landed a blow against the shoulder of Higgins "Ok I see how you are Mr. Gobbs" he said with a grin. Then Higgins lunged forward landing a blow to his opponent's mid section.

Gobbs winced, but shook it off. "Not bad," he said, grinning. He made a mental note to keep his guard up, before trying a sweeping blow to knock the Ensign off his feet.

Suddenly Higgins found his ass kissing the mat as he shook his head and grinned "Nice one Mr. Gobbs" then he picked his butt off the mat as he assumed a combat offensive position. After deflecting more attempts from his opponent, he finally saw an opening and nailed Gobbs in the sternum removing the air from his body.

Gobbs tried to say "nice one," but found he could not. After a few moments, he was breathing better and able to say it. "Nice hit," he said, sincerely.

Higgins gave a nod as the two combatants went at for quite some time now exchanging offensive and defensive moves; neither one really getting a clean shot at the other. Finally Higgins had about all he could stand, besides feeling like a big puddle of sweat, and put his hand up then bent over with both hands on his knees "Gobbs I think I'm spent....I mean we've been at this for well over an hour" he commented then standing taking in some deep breaths.

Gobbs didn't want to admit it, but he was worn out as well. It was definitely a good workout. "I guess we could take a break," he said, trying to sound like he was feeling better than he was. "I'm glad we're on the same team," he added.

Amelia blew a whistle after an hour to an hour and a half of training, "Alright. I think that's enough training. Take a break, eat you a meal, rest. Come back in two hours to continue another hour of training." She looked to the Security team, "This is incase you're unable to use your own weapons like phasers. Defense is a good offense." She took moment to breathe, "So, with that said. Keep in mind what you learn, when you're training. Tomorrow, I hope you'll select a different partner. Make sure you train with everyone here and this is one person per day. Once everyone has trained with each other, you may continue your normal duties as per Aidan here or until further notice from me or Jordan. Aidan will be conducting these trainings for the next few days."

She looked among the crew assembled, "Any Questions?"

Gobbs just shook his head. He was ready for a shower.

Higgins just snickered as he shook his head no; that was about all the strength he could muster.

She smilled, "Dismissed. Adrian will have messages sent to when this will continue." She gathered up her bag and she left the room. Heading to the bridge as they were soon to be docking at New Romulus and that was a needed break.

Gobbs raised his arms above his head to stretch them, and then made his way towards the exit. It had been a good session, and he was ready to clean up and grab some food.


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