Before Hawkeye (Part 1)

Posted on Tue Aug 9th, 2022 @ 11:40pm by Captain Amelia Shaw
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Mission: Rebuilding Romulus
Location: New Romulus

(An introduction so to speak of Amelia - leading from her bio to Commanding the ship and a bit of information of the mission ahead - this is Part 1.)

She looked around the area, before she took a bite of a forbidden candy bar. Amelia was on vacation from her last order from the Admiral in charge... She just wanted to relax, before she took her next assignment from the Admiral. She wasn't all that by the book, but she knew eating this wouldn't be a severity. Just frowned on and she didn't understand why this particular one was "forbidden".

She sighed as she walked to the shuttle and she boarded it for New Romulus. She wanted to meet a friend of her's there that was over seeing one of main areas of excavation of the habitat. She knew that the being was excited to meet her as well for it had been a while, since they served together on a mission. She finished off her candy bar and she placed the wrapper in her bag. She looked up as she knew this would take a while and she settled into her seat for a nap.

Later on that day...

Zabine looked at a list of incoming ships as she had to help make sure they had room for the needed ones to land. This area was pretty busy, but not 'as' busy as Romulus use to be. She knew that in time things could change. She just worried about her sister whom left the family as a teenager and joined the Tal'Shiar... Something she wasn't proud of, but she couldn't change. Her family were sad, but she lost her parents to those people... She made her own way for a while, until she had the opportunity to come to this planet and to be of help. She shook her head as She didn't know what the other 'factions' would do about their impending problem. They weren't capable to handle the faction... or group... They were training here with Star Fleet and Klingon to defend themselves of anything impending here, while they were in talks of creating their own shipyard... They just hope that the Tal'Shiar wouldn't infiltrate, but it was an uneasy time.... She noticed something unusual... A shuttle was inbound, but usually that was to the ships when needed and usually cloaked, due to their own help...

She sighed as she tapped in commands of where it could land. She noticed an Admiral stepping up noticing the signature of the shuttle. "Who's on that shuttle?" She looked startled and spoke to him softly, "A Commander Amelia Shaw, Sir." She saw him nod and went back to his padd and office. She sighed, "Why are you here my friend?" She questioned to herself and then she noticed the Admiral coming back out again, "I'll be on the Hawkeye. Make sure she doesn't leave." She saw him with a box and him disappearing into the location of the transporter.

She gave a solid nod and she grabbed a padd to sign herself off from work. She had to greet her friend that she's not seen in a while. She smiled a little at Amelia, "Greetings!" She said to her as the Commander stepped off the shuttle, "What brings you here, Amelia?" She said with an eyebrow, "I would have thought you'd go to Risa."

Amelia shook her head, "No. Too many wanting to get cozy. I'm not into that right now." She suggested to the area, "I Like to check up on the building of this place that I was able to do a job with." She smiled to her friend, "And I wanted to check up on my friend to see how you're coping with all of this big challenge."

Zabine kept her composure. "It's not a big challenge. It's a need for my people." She reminded her. She walked with her to the mess hall, "I am doing well. Despite having recent obstacles, like trying to find a spot for your shuttle. I have been succeeding rather well. I still hear of problems though, but I can't concern myself with that right now. I would rather focus on the positive." She ordered her meal and she noticed Amelia did the same. "Have you been eating well? I would have assumed you wouldn't have been hungry right away."

Amelia laughed a little, "You have good food here." She gave a nod to the drink, "And an Interesting Romulan Ale that I can barely get anywhere!" She heard her friend give a laugh. "I don't know what my future will bring, but taking these missions that the Admiralty have trusted me with... I feel invigorating. I'm honored that they listened, but I'm a little sad that I feel it's not forever."

She nodded, "Whatever may happen to your future. Just all you can do is give it your all, your best. Don't overdo. I mean..." She wasn't one for longer speaking like her friend here, but Zabine understood where Amelia was coming from. She, too, enjoyed this area and couldn't think of anything else more. She knew that more adventures would be interesting, if not exciting. "Rushing leads to trouble."

She gave a slight shrug, "True." She noticed a Commander coming up to her holding a bunch of padds. She saw that he had one out looking at it and then back at her as he was making his way to her, but she didn't dare move. She gave Zabine a quizzed look, but not before she saw him offer her a bundle of Padds, "Uh, thanks?" She raised an eyebrow, "And you are?" For she did not recognize this egoism of a person.

Trent shrugged, "I was to give those to you. I received a message from the Admiral of the specific orders to deliver those to you, instead of him." He noticed that she seemed a little lost, but that he could tell Zabine knew something Amelia didn't. He cleared his throat. "You're to meet with the Admiral here, after you finish here for your next assignment." He leaned in with a glare, "Don't screw this up."

Amelia didn't feel comfortable with Trent. She closed her eyes a moment to see if she was dreaming, but the padds were there. "What did that mean?" She looked to Zabine, whom looked to her in a puzzled, but not quite as puzzled as she was. "And we were just talking about my assignment. I wonder what they have in store for me."