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First Day

Posted on Mon Feb 6th, 2023 @ 4:38pm by Lieutenant James Lake

Computer open log:

Personal Log, Star Date 24232.06, Lieutenant James William Lake:

My first day on duty has been an interesting one. I was greeted by the C.O. right after I walked into Engineering and was escorted to the Mess Hall for a meeting as well as a nice meal. Captain Shaw seems to be a very 'down to earth' kind of C.O. knowing what it takes to be a Senior Officer and the best way to achieve it. We exchanged thoughts and I will take to heart her suggestions on being the Chief of Engineering. I was surprised, however, at the offer of being the Chief so soon after coming aboard but it's nothing I haven't done before.

One special note though, I did confide in her concerning by situation only to find out Star Fleet doesn't allow Augments in their service which is curious to me; since Star Fleet Brass knows about my condition but assigned me anyway. Leaving Star Fleet was only one option I was given. I will however keep it to myself and be careful using my abilities when on duty.

Directly after the meeting with the Captain I met with my Staff and was pleased with the warm welcome. They listened to what I had to say with interest and a few weren't shy about asking questions which I happily answered. It's my hope that the transition here will be a smooth one.

Finally once I get settled in, and into a routine, I'm quite confident this will be a great assignment. The Hawkeye, even though she's smaller than her sister ships, seems sleek and state of the art from what I've seen thus far.

Computer end log.


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