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Commander Kathryn "Kat" Mercer

Name Kathryn Mercer

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human, Cybernetically Enhanced
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Blue-Gray
Physical Description Kat is not overly tall or overly short. She is graceful, though not to the level of a trained dancer. Her black hair is long and is normally kept in a braid when working. Above her right ear, the hair has been removed, and a cybernetic implant placed. This implant follows the top curve of her ear, though does not touch it; it is slightly above. She has one tattoo, though it is covered by her uniform on duty. This is of a multi-colored winged serpent whose wings curl around her upper arm and whose tail coils down her arm to end at her wrist.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Keith Everett Mercer
Mother Sandra Elise Mercer
Brother(s) Jarrett Alexander Mercer
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kat is generally outgoing and friendly, though she does tend to curl in on herself in larger crowds. Small groups, though, she thrives in. She makes friends easily enough but is cautious in going beyond that.
Hobbies & Interests Programming, holodeck novels, reading, sketching, designing

Personal History Kat grew up with Starfleet parents, which means that she moved around a lot. As such, she became more of a self-starter, entertained herself, etc. She had few friends because it made no sense to her to get close then leave. But she couldn’t help making at least one or two wherever she found herself.

When she was little, she had not wanted to be Starfleet. She’d wanted to be an explorer. But the universe has a way of changing a person. When she was ten, she was involved in an accident which caused some brain damage. To compensate for this, she was implanted with a neural net in her brain and an access and interface point above her right ear. One unforeseen side effect of this was that she became able to interface with nearby Starfleet technology like PADDs, computer consoles, etc. She couldn’t do anything major with it, but it was useful in small ways.

As she grew, she found a love of Starfleet through not only her parents but also through her interfacing with their technology and learning as much as she could about them. So, at eighteen, she made her application to the Starfleet Academy. Operations seemed like a very natural and logical place for someone like her, so she took that specialty and graduated with honors after the commensurate four-year term.
At this point, she was sent to undergo her Cadet Cruise aboard the USS LightRunner. It was a small ship, mostly used for such cruises. At the end of that time, she was sent, with that captain’s recommendation, to the USS Eagle as an Ensign in the Operations department. Because this captain liked her so much, he insisted on keeping her for as long as he could. But her explorer spirit got restless, and she requested a transfer… to the Hawkeye.
Service Record USS LightRunner - Cadet Cruise
USS Eagle - Ensign/Lt. JG
USS Hawkeye - Lt. (Current)