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Captain Jordan Warren

Name Jordan James Warren

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Jordan is 5'9 In Height. About a Medium Built man with a tall face. He has curls in his hair and he is very athletic and fit. He has a very round face and has a dimple on his right face when he is smiling. He has a scar on his back, which is from this horrible treatment in his childhood.


Spouse None
Children None
Father James Warren (Birth) Elias Abarathy (Step)
Mother Amelia Warren Abarathy
Brother(s) Tobias Abarthy ( Older Step-Brother)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Nicola Abarathy (Step-Aunt)
Daniella Warren (Grandmother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jordan is a very shy person. He likes to be with himself, but he will sit and talk with you. He has a very high moral sense, and can always be vocal on matters of Morality, even if it means calling out his superiors. He is really scared of being left alone and he is scared of Snakes and Clowns.
Hobbies & Interests Jordan Likes to sing he learned to sing with his guitar and has plans to become a singer before joining Starfleet. He also likes to swim and teaching younger kids.

Personal History Jordan was born May 2, 2364, in London, United Kingdom. He was the only Child to Parents James and Amelia Warren. James Warren was a Chief Science Officer at the USS-Gandhi, on a 5-year mission in the Beta Quadrant. Though Jordan saw his father less than usual, He still would get video messages and video lessons on various scientific things he was doing on board the Gandhi. Jack briefly returned from duty after he was injured in a freak incident, but that didn't stop him from returning. Alas, on a fateful day in 2376, On Jordan's 12th Birthday, James and his crew would be brutally Murdered by the Klingons, Close to the Federation-Klingon outpost of Ramakus V. His Father's death deeply impacted Jordan and Amelia, who would take up alcoholism. Jordan would skip school to take care of his mother. In 2379, His mother Marries again, To Elias Abarathy, A Business Man. His mother hoped that Jordan and Elias will bond, but they didn't find eye to eye after Jordan once called his father out for some shady business. In 2381, Jordan one day comes home from school and finds out that his Step-Father is with another woman. Jordan tries to warn his mother, but Elias ties him and beats him, almost killing him. After he recovers, Jordan leaves his father's house and starts to pursue his own life at Starfleet, at age 17. He was accepted and started his career in Medicine, which was his passion until then. He was a Brilliant surgeon, and physician, having graduated at the top of his class in 2384. Jordan continued his advanced medical training and graduated as a Medical officer in 2386, at the rank of lieutenant .
Service Record Jordan was assigned to USS-Hinkley, as Medical Officer, where he was able to assist the crew with his correct diagnostic of a Rare Vulcan neural disorder. He was there for 2 before he was transferred to USS-Paris, where he was given the role of Assistant Cheif Medical Officer. 1 year after that He was Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and sent to USS-Hawkeye as Cheif Medical officer.