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Lieutenant James Lake

Name James William Lake

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human - Augmented
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 170 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall, muscular (more so with the augmentations), and physically fit.


Spouse None
Father William Lake
Mother Elizabeth Green-Lake
Brother(s) Thomas Lake

Personality & Traits

General Overview Friendly towards his Shipmates and can be flirty when the occasion calls for it. Respect for Command and totally focused when on Duty.
Strengths & Weaknesses S: Organized and meticulous along with great follow through. Never takes himself too seriously.

W: Occasionally has to seclude himself, usually in his quarters, to bring his augmented body back into sync with his mind by meditation. Comes across as brash in conversation, but is getting better keeping a civil tongue.
Ambitions To do his job well while helping to keep the Ship and Crew safe through his Engineering skills. Rise in rank if the opportunity presents itself.
Hobbies & Interests H: Staying in shape using the Holo Decks, enjoys music, and people watching.

I: Anything mechanical and reading his books.

Personal History Born in 2350 to William and Elizabeth Lake in a small town in Norfolk, England on planet Earth. The family operated a vegetable farm which was quite lucrative being able to sell their products to some of the finest Eateries in London.

James William Lake had a solid upbringing with the important values of life instilled in him at a young age. Since both parents were farmers, so it would follow that he would take over the family business.

The youngest of two children, with an older brother who would inherit the family Farm when James made his intentions clear that this was not the life for him.

By the time James hit his early teens he had become fascinated with anything mechanical and would take it upon himself to fix anything that wasn't running up to par; even when it wasn't convenient to do so. Eventually, to his Father's surprise, James could fix about anything around the Farm and had it running good as new in most cases.
When James became of age he broke the news to his Parents about his future plans which they were rather surprised at while the older brother was very pleased to have James gone and having the farm all to himself.

After graduation from the Academy James received his first assignment as an Engineering Officer with the rank of Ensign. He worked hard, for the next fourteen years, while receiving practical experience along with some transfers to other Ships and increases in Rank as well.

In 2386 his life would change forever. While serving on the Hudson there was a major explosion in Main Engineering which James caught the worst of it; although he managed to get his Crew out safely just before. James was beamed directly to Sick Bay and placed in a Stasis Tube not being expected to live. His CO made some calls and soon the Ship was bound for Earth and Star Fleet Headquarters.

Upon arrival it was decided James' only chance of survival was to go into the Augmentation Program. After being placed in a Medical Coma, James would spend the next several weeks going through multiple surgeries to restore his life.

James was finally taken out of the Coma and spent the next few years going through both physical and mental rehabilitation. After three years the ordeal was finally over and was deemed ready for duty.
Since his old position had been filled years ago James accepted an offer to work with the Engineering Corp until such time as a place for him could be found on a Ship.

In 2390 James finally received transfer orders to the USS Hawkeye which he gratefully accepted.
Service Record 2367-2372: Attended the Academy in an Engineering Discipline.

2372-2376: Engineering Officer aboard USS Saratoga, Galaxy Class, Ensign.

2376-2386: ACEO aboard USS Hudson, Sovereign Class, Lt.JG.

2381: Promoted to Chief of Engineering, Same Ship, Lieutenant.

2386-2389: Classified.

2389-2390: Star Fleet Engineering Corp.

2390: Transferred to USS Hawkeye, Chief Engineer, Lieutenant.