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Captain Amelia Shaw

Name Amelia Lynn Shaw

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5'04
Weight 146
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description She's a soft spoken, sweet and sophisticated human. She is loyal and decides when needed on what to do. She expects only what she would not be able to do herself.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Michael Shaw
Mother Emma Julia Swan-Shaw

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amelia strives to maintain a loyal and consistent mannerism in being open minded and learning always. She knows what's at stake with the whole entire Universe and the need to help settle problems. Not everything is destructive or has to be, but diplomacy is a fine line to walk.
Strengths & Weaknesses The Strengths & Weaknesses are unknown at this time.
Ambitions Her ambition is looking out for others and trying to keep her crew alive, no matter the cost.
Hobbies & Interests She has an interest in reading Stories of old as well as the history of cultures. Her Hobbies are playing the piano in the holodeck, where many may not know if it's her or not. She enjoys playing card games even with others as well as dabo and other games.

Personal History Amelia was born in Eastern North Carolina and she was raised in New Jersey and in Georgia for the remainder of her childhood. She graduated in a school near Atlanta and she achieved high remarks that alerted the Academy to offer a spot in their schooling That would last at least 8 years. She had a relationship in her Academy years, but it didn't last. The person was caught cheating on her with another and this person married the other. She wasn't upset, but she was rather distant to trust others for a while personally. She had and she has friends, but she's not sure if she'll find that special one and she's not into actively looking either and she hadn't since. She preferred to do what's required of her over anything personal.
Service Record She went to the Academy and Majored in several subjects as well as doing well in her classes.

Then from there she joined Uss Auckland and served on that ship for a while.

She was promoted to the chief of her subject on another ship named Ticonderoga. She served on this ship for a couple of years, before she transferred.

Amelia was on the Baton Rouge , where she was promoted to XO for the remainder of her time, until she was about 40. For two years, she helped out with various events, including the Romulans with their new Habitat. This was a couple of months, before she received from Star Fleet to command Hawkeye. She read up on everything that was going on and happening there. She, also, consulted with others that knew several of the crew on the ship that were there. She made sure to be as prepared as she could with the information.

She is assigned to Hawkeye as it's newest Commanding Officer.