1. DO NOT VIOLATE DISCORD T.O.S. - No matter what discord you are on - including our channels. Read all the rules here as you will be held accountable for having read them.

2. This server is for mature audiences, as with the Star Trek theme there may be blood, gore, violence, drugs, and even romance. If any of these concepts bother you or you act childish in general you should kindly leave. Any complaints about content posted on this server need to be addressed to mods but in doing so it is not likely to be changed as Star Trek is meant for mature audiences. ERP is a NO = Anything that would be within the act of copulation is considered to be ERP as such the scene must fade to black before that. Anything up to copulation is safe to Rp as long as it is done in good taste and neither party is uncomfortable.

3. No godmodding or mini-modding, no Gary or Mary sue characters. No canonical look alike or act alikes. No pretending to be one of the moderators. No pestering for character approvals or BEGGING STAFF FOR A CHARACTER PROMOTION.

4. Be respectful to everyone here - even if you disagree, everyone is entitled to their opinion whether you like it or not. Be mature and sort out the differences, before bringing in Mods. Remember - The owner, admin and mods have the final say. Whether it be for character approvals, rp/OOC conflicts or enforcing the rules. If you disrespect their decisions you will be warned and then later kicked out of the group.

5. Custom races are allowed as long as they biologically make sense, originate from a planet* within* the Star Trek universe and do not have any superhuman characteristics that would not be conductive to a starship. They also need to have some first contact with the Federation since they will be working on this ship. Please read bios for more details

6. Pm the gm if it regards this game or play on this game.

Our rating:

RPG Rating 3 2 3

Our Rating is 323
Swearing and mature language is permitted. (See #2)
Sex - Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations. (See #2)
Explicit violence is permitted. (See #2)