Welcome to the Hawkeye!

A Luna Class ship with the NCC Registry of 80114. It was created in the year 2387 and it is now the year 2390.

Your Captain is Amelia Shaw.
Your First Officer is Jordan Warren.

First Mission is starting out at the New Romulus Sector. The Klingons and Starfleet are Divided. Romulans are defending off the evil Tal Shiar. The Vulcans have quietly gone to their sanctuary and are barely heard from. The Betazoids are dying out - Something is poisoning them. Trills are trying to rebuild and save their species.
Other species are needing to be found, questions are impending. The Universe is imbalanced and it's up to Starfleet to help rebalance it.

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» Site Changes

Posted on Wed Aug 3rd, 2022 @ 12:47am by Captain Amelia Shaw in Website Update

In the process of still updating the wiki and getting current players added.
Everything else is as up to date as possible.

Latest Mission Posts

» Before Hawkeye (Part 2)

Mission: Rebuilding Romulus
Posted on Wed Aug 10th, 2022 @ 5:18am by Captain Amelia Shaw

Zabine cracked a small barely there smile. "I had a feeling the Admiral was up to something with you." She helped gather the plates and gotten rid of them, just as she saw her friend Amelia do the same thing with the drinks. "I can lead you to the Admiral's…

» Before Hawkeye (Part 1)

Mission: Rebuilding Romulus
Posted on Tue Aug 9th, 2022 @ 11:40pm by Captain Amelia Shaw

(An introduction so to speak of Amelia - leading from her bio to Commanding the ship and a bit of information of the mission ahead - this is Part 1.)

She looked around the area, before she took a bite of a forbidden candy bar. Amelia was on vacation from…